Mission Of The Organization

The World Affairs Council of Greater Reading is the leading educational organization promoting understanding and enlightenment on global issues.

Our Mission is:

To Connect People. To Engage Minds. To Expand Thinking.

We believe engagement promotes understanding and that students are our future and we can make a positive impact on them. It is our sincere belief that there is inherent value in civil, contemplative discussion.

Description Of The Organization

The World Affairs Council of Greater Reading is a non-profit, non-partisan organization committed to advocating our community’s awareness of international issues and the common interests we share with the rest of the world.


  • Sponsors monthly luncheons and/or breakfasts
  • Sponsors a monthly world affairs Book Club discussion
  • Sponsors local World Quest competition
  • Sponsors an annual day excursion with a fine dining lunch at a renowned international affairs institution.
  • Promotes and subsidizes local high school students at the luncheons

History Of The Organization

The World Affairs Council of Greater Reading was founded in the late 1960’s as the Foreign Policy Group. Originally meetings were held in members’ homes and later at various Universities/Colleges. Since then it has grown in membership as well as breadth of its offerings. Each year approximately 2,000 members, students and friends take part in one or more of the functions available. WAC of Greater Reading has been affiliated with the World Affairs Councils of America since 1967.

Get Involved

You will belong to an organization which provides the opportunity to:

    • Be involved with monthly breakfast and luncheon programs featuring recognized presenters who provide key information and insight into international issues.
    • Engage in Great Decisions, a program that focuses on contemporary global topics.
    • Annually visit organizations actively involved in international affairs, including Embassy’s, United Nations and Foreign Policy Councils.
    • Join the Sam Dewald Book Club for roundtable discussions on books dealing with international affairs.

In addition the organization provides:

    • Annual Academic World Quest, a high school competition; the winner competes nationally in Washington, DC.
    • Alan Miller Scholarships to high school students who plan on majoring in International Relations, Political Science or Public Administration.
    • High schools and colleges on-site discussions with luncheon presenters.
    • High schools with a weekly “What in the World” quiz on current international events used for classroom topic discussion.
    • A website (wacreading.org) and emails containing upcoming Council/community program and event information.
    • A monthly newsletter with distribution in excess of 700 persons and organizations.
    • A resource to the local media, including newspapers, radio, and television.
    • A monthly television program which features discussion on global issues.
    • Cooperation with local colleges and universities to sponsor World Affairs Clubs.
    • Internship options for local college students majoring in international related courses.
    • The opportunity for sponsors to underwrite student admission to programs.

Community Strength

You will be part of an organization:

    • With convening power among local businesses, colleges and universities, high schools and public organizations.
    • That provides comprehensive, factual, global information to the greater Reading community utilizing multiple media sources.
    • Is governed by a volunteer community, representative Board of Directors.

Recognized and Trusted Affiliate

    • The World Affairs Council of Greater Reading has been recognized by the World Affairs Councils of America as an active member affiliate.
    • Received recognition from the National World Affairs Council as a leader volunteer organization
    • Provided non-partisan programs and presentations to the Greater Reading community from national/global recognized leaders for over 60 years.

60 years and our growth continues

Membership Fees:

    • Ambassador $275 (includes all luncheons and a reduction in fee for the annual bus excursion)
    • Family $75 (allows member rate for each family member for luncheons and other events)
    • Individual $50 (allows member rate for luncheons and other events for one person)

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your organization partisan?
We are non-partisan. While the presenters or subjects of individual programs may represent a single point of view, over time we try and balance the presentation programs.
How can I become a member or renew my membership?

That’s easy. To join the World Affairs Council of Greater Reading email contactus@wacreading.org or call us at 610-375-7880.

When does my membership become effective?
Your membership and all its benefits will commence as soon as the Council receives your payment. You will then receive monthly newsletters from us by mail as well as e-mail updates on upcoming events.
When does my membership expire?
Membership to World Affairs Council of Greater Reading is for one full year.
Are there different types of membership?

There are three types: Individual, Family and Ambassador. Individual ($50) allows one person the member rate for luncheon. Family ($75) allows any person residing at the address the member rate for luncheon. Ambassador ($275) enables the member to attend luncheons at no cost, a family member to attend luncheons at the member rate and provides a discounted cost to the ambassador member for the annual excursion, should one be scheduled.

Is my membership tax deductible?
The World Affairs Council of Greater Reading is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.
How is your organization funded?
We are funded by membership dues and individual sponsorships as well as corporate and individual donations.
How can I help the World Affairs Council?
There are many ways. You could be a luncheon sponsor. The World Affairs has special student luncheon pricing to try and have as many high school and college/university students attend as possible. The luncheon sponsorship basically underwrites this effort. Additional, The World Affairs Council is a totally volunteer organization. We are always looking for passionate members to help us in our mission. You could become involved in our WorldQuest program, assist in marketing efforts, help us in our efforts with the various schools or any other of many programs. At one of our events, speak to one of the Board Members to discuss the many opportunities available.
What programs does The World Affairs Council of Reading do?
There are many. Except for the summer months, we have amazing speakers frequently on a national level at our monthly luncheon speaker series, discussing the most timely international issues of the day.

We also hold breakfast discussions on world issues usually with a local community expert.

In addition to this we sponsor:

  • Great Decisions, America’s largest discussion program on world affairs
  • World Quest, a flagship youth educational program of the national network of World Affairs Council that all local high schools can participate
  • A monthly discussion on world events on BCTV
  • Many other great programs
Do I need to register for programs in advance if I am a member?
Yes. We are required to give the venue site a member count up to three days before the event. Therefore, we very much appreciate it if you could contact us as soon as you know you are going to an event. We want to assure there is space for you when you arrive at an event.
How do I register for an event?
You can contact us directly at 610-375-7880 or e-mail us at contactus@wacreading.org.